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New OEM Lexus Hybrid Battery
New OEM Lexus Hybrid Battery

Lexus HS 250h New OEM Hybrid Battery Cost $3,995 INSTALLED

The Lexus HS 250h 2009-2012 is a hybrid luxury sedan that combines an internal combustion engine (ICE) with an electric motor to provide an efficient and powerful driving experience. Here's a breakdown of the powertrain details:

Battery Pack

Modules: 34

Nominal Voltage per Module: 7.2 volts

Total Nominal Voltage: 244.8 volts

Type: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Prismatic NiMH Battery NP2.0

Manufacturer: Panasonic/Primearth EV Energy Co., Ltd. (4)

Overall dimensions: 32" x 18" x 13"

Weight 105lbs

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

Type: 2.4-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder

Power output: 147 horsepower

Features: Twin-cam design, four valves per cylinder, Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i)

Electric Motor

Power output: 141 horsepower

Function: Serves as both a drive motor and a generator

Combined System Output

Total system horsepower: 187 hp

It's important to note that the total system horsepower is not simply the sum of the ICE and electric motor outputs. This is because the two power sources cannot be maximized in the same operational range.

Hybrid System Details

The HS 250h utilizes a two-motor hybrid system:

1. The main drive motor (141 hp) that works in conjunction with the gasoline engine

2. A second motor that functions as both an engine starter and generator to charge the hybrid battery pack

The system employs an Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT) for smooth and efficient power delivery.


The combination of the ICE and electric motor provides the HS 250h with

0-60 mph acceleration: 8.4 seconds

EPA fuel economy estimate: 35 mpg combined

Driving Modes

The HS 250h offers four selectable driving modes:

1. Normal: Balanced performance and efficiency

2. Power: Enhanced responsiveness

3. Eco: Optimized for fuel economy

4. EV: Allows for short-distance electric-only driving under certain conditions

This hybrid system demonstrates Lexus's commitment to combining luxury with efficiency, offering a sophisticated blend of gasoline and electric power in a premium sedan package.