GoGo Hybrid offers cost-effective solutions by providing reliable NEW Toyota OEM batteries, diagnostic warning code analysis, HV battery performance evaluation, and professional installation. ALL this in your driveway, while your feet are up & you are comfortably watching the Price is Right!

GoGo Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant OEM Hybrid Battery Replacement

Hybrid batteries last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles and then are required to be replaced. Your local Toyota Dealership will charge between $4-$6k to provide a OEM factory new battery installed in your Prius. Prius owners are likely to replace the battery twice during the lifetime of current Prius Generation 2 and Generation 3 models.

GoGoHybrid provides 3 benefits for Prius owners: 1) We come to you. We can diagnose your hybrid vehicle and provide you with the critical data required to evaluate your options. 2) Should you require a new battery, GoGoHybrid provides the exact same OEM factory new battery installed in your Prius. The difference is that 3) GoGoHybrid will also provide you with a 5-year Warranty on the new battery. And the biggest benefit to you: The GoGoHybrid cost for an installed, warrantied, new factory battery is $2,800.

GoGoHybrid is based in the Mount Pleasant area and understands the impact the midwestern weather has on the life and performance capabilities for all hybrid batteries. Both the Generation 2 and Generation 3 Priuses present unique issues with their operating systems. These vehicles can last 15-20 years with minor fuel expense if cared for properly. Our technicians evaluate and replace batteries on location. The entire replacement procedure takes less than 3 hours.

Find a local hybrid technician who can help you those few times during the lifetime of your Prius you'll need to replace the battery and prolong the life of the vehicle.

GoGoHybrid is local and accountable.

  • Lower Cost
  • Done instantly by a professional at your home
  • With a 5-Year Warranty