Toyota & Lexus Hybrid Error Codes Check Engine Lights
Red Triangle of Death

P3011-P3027 (2007 - 2015 Prius)

Possible Causes of P3001-P3027 Codes
Faulty HV Battery assembly

P3011- battery block 1 unbalanced/weak
P3012- battery block 2 unbalanced/weak
P3013- battery block 3 unbalanced/weak
P3014- battery block 4 unbalanced/weak
P3015- battery block 5 unbalanced/weak
P3016- battery block 6 unbalanced/weak
P3017- battery block 7 unbalanced/weak
P3018- battery block 8 unbalanced/weak
P3019- battery block 9 unbalanced/weak
P3020- battery block 10 unbalanced/weak
P3021- battery block 11 unbalanced/weak
P3022- battery block 12 unbalanced/weak
P3023- battery block 13 unbalanced/weak
P3024- battery block 14 unbalanced/weak

The p3011-p3024 codes can be caused by a faulty HV battery assembly. These codes indicate that specific battery blocks within the assembly have become weak. The p3011 code corresponds to battery block 1, p3012 to block 2, p3013 to block 3, and so on until p3024, which corresponds to block 14. When these battery blocks weaken, it can lead to issues with the overall performance and efficiency of the vehicle. Therefore, it is essential to address these weak blocks in order to ensure the optimal functioning of the Prius.

P0A80 Code (Replace Hybrid Battery Pack)

Symptoms of the POA80 code may include
Decreased fuel efficiency. Diminished overall power and performance. Other HV Battery related codes.

Common causes may include:
Defective HV Battery, module, or battery pack Individual module resistance is excessive Module voltage out of balance HV Battery pack fans/computer failure Corroded, broken or loose busbar connectors/wiring

If you are experiencing the p0a80 code, it indicates a need to replace the hybrid battery pack. This issue can lead to various symptoms, including decreased fuel efficiency, diminished power and overall performance, as well as other related codes concerning the high-voltage (hv) battery. The common causes behind this code can be a defective hv battery, module, or battery pack. Additionally, excessive resistance in individual modules, voltage imbalance in the module, failure of hv battery pack fans or computer, and corroded, broken, or loose busbar connectors or wiring can contribute to this problem. It is important to address this issue promptly to restore your vehicle's optimal functioning.

C1241 Code (Low Battery Positive Voltage)

Possible Symptoms of C1241 Code
Engine Light ON (or Warning Light to Service Engine Soon)
ABS Warning Light On

Possible Causes:
Low Battery Charge
Faulty Battery
Faulty Charging System
Power Source Circuit

The c1241 code indicates a low battery positive voltage, which can result in various symptoms. One possible symptom is the engine light being on or a warning light indicating the need to service the engine soon. Additionally, the ABS warning light may also be illuminated. There are several potential causes for this code, including a low battery charge, a faulty battery, a faulty charging system, or an issue with the power source circuit. It is important to address these potential causes promptly to prevent further complications and ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle.

Red Triangle of Death P3000 Code

This code indicates a malfunction in the battery control system. Common symptoms of this code may include the engine light and triangle light being illuminated. Possible causes for this code could be related to the HV control system, low fuel supply, or issues with the HV battery assembly. When the battery electronic control unit (ECU) detects a malfunction, it alerts the driver through the system. The diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is generated when the state of charge (SOC) of the HV battery decreases due to factors such as running out of gas, leaving the car in neutral (N) position, or a malfunction in the HV control system.

Toyota Lexus hybrid battery trouble warning light red triangle of death
Toyota Lexus hybrid battery trouble warning light red triangle of death